From Scrappy Startup to ABM Platform

Since its humble beginnings, Terminus was on a mission to build the best-in-class account-based marketing platform. Five years after inception, they went from a few employees in a small office space to acquiring a company, expanding to multiple offices and launching wider ABM products and services. What hadn’t evolved was the brand itself.
Brand Strategy, Project Management, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Website Design

The Need for a Brand Refresh

The original visual theming and messaging gravitated around making the customers heroes, and the brand naturally moved in that direction. That idea, combined with a spirit of youthful ambition, grit, and risk-taking allowed the superhero-themed brand to flourish for a while. However, the company expanded, the industry became more competitive, the product and service offerings matured and customers had greater needs. It became evident that the current brand was not mature enough for the level of business that Terminus was aspiring to reach.

A Clearer Vision

After doing the internal work to identify who Terminus wanted to be moving forward, we created a refreshed brand that reflected more focused values and was mature enough to The updated messaging and new visual identity captured the spirit and personality of the company, while creating runway for the possibilities of the future. The result was an updated logo, new supporting visuals including typography and graphic elements, templates for various print and digital collateral, an updated website, office branding, company swag, as well as comprehensive brand guidelines.
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