Evolving from PR to Integrated Marketing

Alloy Marketing
Brand Strategy, Naming, Project Management, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
ARPR (Anna Ruth PR)—founded 10 years ago by one ambitious woman —had a mission to change the status quo of PR firms by integrating more measurable marketing services. Over the years, it evolved into an award-winning agency with expanded capabilities to solve big problems and provide transformative results for clients. However, the brand didn’t align with all the growth that had occurred.

The Need to Rebrand 

The pandemic was a sure catalyst for internal reevaluation and ARPR realized its brand was outdated and did not reflect its own growth and maturity. The challenge was to rename the company, change the visual brand, and implement these changes across the company while sustaining its core essence and sense of internal camaraderie.

A New Identity

Alloy—defined as a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements to give greater strength to resistance or corrosion— serves as the perfect metaphor for what the company represents: integrated marketing for global tech brands. With this new name, the company has more room for growth as they expand their capabilities, clientelle and partnerships to the global market.

Innovative Visual Expression

As a play on the chemical alloy process, the company’s integrated marketing services are represented as elements in a metaphoric periodic table. Each capability is visualized as its own unique icon. 
These clever visualizations, combined with a refined graphic/photographic style, expressive typography, and a flexible color palette, add greater depth to the new perception created. The result was a new name, logo, foundational messaging, visual identity, website (by Punch), updated marketing collateral, internal swag, and comprehensive brand guidelines.

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