Conquer your company's rebrand with confidence.

Brand Restart provides you with the tools and processes to go from feeling overwhelmed to having clarity and confidence in your brand project.

The responsibility of a company brand initiative can be a lot to take on. That’s because rebranding isn’t solely about updating a logo or changing a color palette, or word-smithing a mission statement. It’s about transforming your company’s perception in order to reach new heights for your business—a new level that’s less attainable if you remain the same. That’s why a rebrand or brand refresh is so vital. 


Current reality

• You’re under a lot of pressure
• You don’t have a lot of time to figure things out, learn new processes or make lots of mistakes
• You feel excited but also anxious about the entire process
• You need competent people who you can trust to help you execute
• Leadership, your team, and the organization is depending on you to get this right


Desired outcome

• Successful completion of the brand project
• A smooth process and effective implementation
• True transformation and lasting impact
• Creation of a better brand perception and increased opportunity for company growth
• Personal growth, learning, recognition and/or promotion
• More confidence and experience to execute impactful results


The Brand Restart Approach

The key to a successful brand project is to implement a proper process. The Brand Restart Approach combines project management principles and creative processes to create a practical framework without the fluff:



Identify the business case for your rebrand project, key players and the overall goals.


Gather requirements to determine scope, resources needed and timeline.


Discover key insights that will guide brand direction.


Do the work with efficiency.​


Strategically reveal your updated brand, both internally and externally.


Prioritize and release remaining brand collateral over time.
mockup-Formula for a Successful Rebrand

Download The Formula for a Successful Rebrand Free Guide

  • Understand what brand really is and if you need a “refresh” or a “rebrand”
  • The Brand Restart Approach
  • “Triple R” factor
  • Lead with C’s

Case Studies

Ready to Restart?

If your growth-staged company is ready to elevate to a new level and implement the refresh/rebrand process, then Brand Restart may be right for you. The Brand Restart is the right fit for teams who:

  • View a rebrand/refresh as a critical step in business growth
  • Need to shift the perception of their company
  • Value process and communication
  • Already have buy-in from the CEO to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Restart exclusively focuses on implementation for growth-stage startups/companies that have at least $3M in annual recurring revenue. These companies value the brand process and already have buy-in from leadership to make this meaningful change.

It includes management and implementation of the process to complete a rebrand or refresh project, with a focus on foundational messaging and visual identity.

A rebrand is a comprehensive effort, usually involving a name change, creating an entirely different personality, entering a new market or creating a different narrative about the company. A refresh isn’t a complete overhaul, but typically involves messaging and/or visual enhancements.

Absolutely, but you must have the right team in place and be committed to the process. If you need help, SW Graphic Design can be a valuable addition to your core brand team.

Yes, if you have a skilled team that is available to commit to the rebrand process.
It typically takes 3-6 months to complete, depending on the scope of work.