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SW Graphic Design provides transformation by design

I’m a creative director, graphic designer, author, and certified project management professional. With my professional experience spanning corporate America, nonprofits, tech startups, and my own business ventures, I seek to create impact for those who value design and want to reach their greater potential.



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You probably already have a general idea or direction for your project, but need to fill in the gaps. I take pride in removing that burden and helping you feel confident that your next visual communication will be effective, elevated, and engaging. I’m here to make translating your message easier so that you can market, sell, inform, or inspire with confidence.


Elevation is the only way to go. No mediocrity allowed.

Efficiency and Speed

Creating the best solution possible within the time given is always the goal. Speed is the goal as well, but it never trumps quality.

Real and Relatable

Honest communication and feedback are paramount. But maintaining a genuine connection and keeping it fun are important elements, too.